Unilever digital agencies pitch for strategic brief

Unilever is in the early stages of a review as part of plans to

appoint a digital planning agency.

A small number of agencies, including Zentropy Partners, Outrider,

Quantum New Media and Initiative, have been asked to take part in an

interactive strategic pitch, primarily concerned with Unilever's digital

planning strategy.

It is understood that the company is looking to eventually appoint a

lead agency for the role - but Unilever is not ruling out the

possibility of there being more than one agency assigned to the


Sources have suggested that a result could be reached by the end of the


Joshua Pert, Unilever's interactive marketing manager, confirmed the

review was taking place. "At the moment it is in the ideas stages - it's

not fully formed," he said.

Pert stated that Unilever is interested in looking at digital media

planning and buying in it own right, apart from traditional media

planning and buying. "It's never been examined as a medium on its own

terms. It's a sanity check on the market," he said.

"We won't necessarily move away from our planning roster but as the

market is changing it's in our interest to check it. We need to ask:

'Are we conducting our online promotions in the most effective way?' The

internet is changing so rapidly. If anyone should be doing this, it

should be us."

Pert also stated that the pitch would not affect the standing of

Unilever's existing roster.

In November last year, Unilever held a review of its new-media agency

arrangements as it prepared to commit to the internet as a regular part

of its media.