Unilever launches global Lipton Yellow Label campaign

LONDON - Unilever has launched a new global campaign promoting its Lipton Yellow Label, the biggest-selling tea brand in the world.

The TV ad, by DDB Paris, dwells on moments of inspiration tea drinkers can achieve after consuming Lipton Yellow Label Tea.

Set in 1966, we see composer Lalo Schifrin at his piano, attempting to write a piece of music. As he adds and removes notes from the sheet music, members of the orchestra appear and disappear accordingly.

Schifrin finally stands up to drink a cup of tea, at which point he is inspired to write his most famous composition, the theme tune to US TV show and movie franchise Mission Impossible.

The campaign will run in 20 markets across the globe, including Turkey, Russia, Poland, Chile, Australia and Japan. However, Lipton Yellow Label is not promoted in the UK, as Unilever focuses its local marketing budget behind the PG Tips brand.

Last month, Unilever shelved plans to screen a global Lipton Ice Tea ad campaign featuring Hugh Jackman in the UK.