Unilever launches site to publicise roster agencies

Unilever is aiming to drive the adoption of its preferred agencies by local teams with the creation of internal website The Agency List.

Dove: parent Unilever is encouraging local teams to adopt roster agencies
Dove: parent Unilever is encouraging local teams to adopt roster agencies

The site acts as a catalogue of the FMCG company’s roster of agencies, with contact details and information about each shop’s past work. It also allows Unilever marketers to leave feedback about the services they receive. 

The plan is not restricted to marketing services; similar lists will be drawn up for every discipline the business uses.

Unilever has asked agencies to provide a submission including contact details, a website URL, a staff photograph, a list of awards recently won and four case studies demonstrating the breadth of services. 

Agencies can also provide a short video to explain their creativity, culture and way of working.

A source told Campaign that the move was partly motivated by cost efficiency, with Unilever keen to move as much business as possible to shops on its preferred agencies list.

But a senior figure at one of the company’s existing creative shops broadly welcomed the initiative, saying it could benefit the agencies as much as Unilever: "You want your creative work or your services to do the talking but the further it goes beyond your direct client, the better."

The roll-out follows changes made to Unilever’s marketing operations last summer. "Brand builders" in
local markets now report directly to "brand developers", the global marketers in charge of brand positioning and strategy.