Uniqlo runs t-shirt activity on Pinterest

Uniqlo, the Japanese clothing retailer, has created a Pinterest "mosaic" to promote its Dry Mesh t-shirt range.

Uniqlo: runs Pinterest campaign
Uniqlo: runs Pinterest campaign

The Uniqlo Dry Mesh Project has been created in partnership with digital agency Firstborn.

The activity uses images of the Dry Mesh T-Shirts to create an animation-like effect, as the user scrolls down the page.

Uniqlo has used these "mosaics" for a number of its clothing categories, including men’s apparel, women's apparel and fitness.

Uniqlo is known for creating interesting digital work. In 2010 it ran the Lucky Counter Twitter campaign while its ecommerce site was down.

The campaign reduced the price of items of clothing when they were tweeted about.

More recently it partnered with The Guardian as the brand sponsor for its newly launched fashion site.

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