This week subscribers have been able to access these stories among others on CampaignLive:

This week subscribers have been able to access these stories among

others on CampaignLive:

- Friday 17.44 UDV appoints Lowe Howard-Spink to Malibu and Baileys

- Tuesday 12.24 BT appoints TSMSi as online sales house

- Tuesday 13.26 Carat to drop TMD name

- Wednesday 12.27 FCB wins Cancer Research Campaign


Metz was a clear winner in this week’s Favourite Ad poll. Arguably the

two most ambitious campaigns, for Do It All and Honda, came equal


1. Metz (HHCL & Partners) 50%

2. Virgin Trains (Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe) 23%

3. Boots 17 (St Luke’s) 18%

4= Do It All (GGT) 5%

4= Honda (CDP) 5%

Swingometer voters did not agree with the ASA’s criticisms of the

Accurist ’put some weight on’ campaign. Only 38 per cent of visitors

thought it was irresponsible.

In our second question, ITV’s sales policy for the World Cup took a


With advertisers pulling their money out as some 30-second spots during

the World Cup go for pounds 200,000, 76 per cent of you agreed ITV was

asking too much.

The biggest consensus came in our third question: 86 per cent of voters

said AMV BBDO was misguided to consider using psychiatric patients as

extras in a TV ad for Dunlop tyres.


The Fence Now funkier and more fun to use, with quick-fire questions and

the option of either voting or posting a comment in favour of one side

or the other.

Social Sophie Fernando Peire reports back on the recently opened Leiths

restaurant in Soho.

Private View John Townshend, creative director of Rapier, offers views

on six new ads. Also on Channel 6, a new Private Surf with Camilla

Ballesteros, director of interactive marketing at CDP, giving her views

on five new Websites.

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