Urban Outfitters 'F**k my liver' ad deemed irresponsible

Urban Outfitters has been rapped by the ad watchdog for the "irresponsible" messaging in an ad for a hip flask that said: "Fuck my liver".

Urban Outfitters: ASA condemns ad as being irresponsible
Urban Outfitters: ASA condemns ad as being irresponsible

The ad was created in-house and appeared on Urban Outfitters' own site. It featured a hip flask next to the words "F**k My Liver Hip Flask... Drink like the rebel you are with this F**K My Liver printed hip flask".

Words printed on the hip flask itself stated: "FUCK MY LIVER".

One complainant claimed the brand was irresponsible because it could encourage excessive drinking.

Urban Outfitters said it was their intention to produce a funny and light-hearted ad to attract the attention of consumers, while reflecting the brand's "street-style" attitude.

The brand said "Fuck my liver" could be interpreted in numerous ways related to unhealthy living, and did not necessarily relate to alcohol, adding that the phrase is frequently used as a song title and in lyrics.

It said it was a "fashionable phrase" commonly used by its customers that featured on its clothing and other products.

Despite this, the Advertising Standards Authority said the phrase was "a message to actively disregard well-known advice about the negative effects of alcohol on the liver," and the phrase "drink like the rebel you are" to be seen as direct encouragement to consumer excessive amounts of alcohol.

The ad has been deemed irresponsible and banned.