Vashi lets consumers design their engagement rings

Diamond jewellery retailer Vashi is offering consumers the chance to design and make their own diamond engagement rings in-store.

Vashi lets consumers design their engagement rings

Vashi enlisted the help of agencies PD3 and DBLG to create a campaign, called "The brave make", to highlight the retailer's focus on personalisation and offer a modern-day take on love and marriage.

The brand is aiming to show how investing time into creating a piece of jewellery has more emotional impact than an off-the-shelf purchase. 

Alongside diamond rings, customers can also design and make necklaces, earrings and bracelets, with help in-store from Vashis's "Guardian Angels" and what the brand calls its "jeweller alchemists". 

Vashi Dominguez, founder and chief executive of Vashi: "'The brave make' speaks to an audience excited and prepared to create, earning the right to say ‘I made this for you’ to someone they love."

The store opened on 4 October.