VCCP beats O&M for Kingsmill ad account

Kingsmill has hired VCCP to create ads that will rival Warburtons' blockbuster campaigns.

Kingsmill's most recent ad by Contagious London
Kingsmill's most recent ad by Contagious London

VCCP won the Kingsmill business after beating Ogilvy & Mather in the final stages of a competitive pitch. Allied Bakeries, which owns Kings-mill, kicked off the search in December.

The agency has been charged with creating big, TV-led work that can compete with Warburtons’ extravagant 2015 ads, which included an action-film spoof with Sylvester Stallone and a Christmas musical with The Muppets.

Contagious London created Kingsmill’s most recent TV ads, which aired in 2014.

Allied Bakeries and VCCP declined to comment.