VCCP makes its debut for Jordans Cereals

Jordans Cereals returns to brand advertising with the debut campaign from Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest, which introduces the strapline: "Back to nature."

The press and poster ads, which position Jordans as a user of only natural ingredients, are the first to emerge following the agency's assignment to the account back in April.

The breakfast food manufacturer is looking to differentiate its brand from its competitors' by communicating its unique approach to food production, which is centred on natural farming processes.

The two poster executions emphasise how natural Jordans' breakfast bar range is by juxtaposing one of its Frusli bars with a field of strawberries.Within the image of the fruit is a Frusli bar-shaped hole, while the bar is pictured on the opposing half of the poster.

The press work, which will appear in titles such as Good Housekeeping, ES magazine, Food Monthly, Zest and The Sunday Times Magazine, uses countryside images while drawing analogies with terms used in factories.

One version for Jordans Country Crisp cereal pictures a butterfly on a raspberry bush. The heading reads: "Our production manager."

Another pictures a bumblebee in a field of wild flowers and is accompanied by the caption: "Our morning shift."

The endline across all the ads is: "Back to nature."

The ads were written and art directed by Kimberley Gill and Mareka Carter.

Media planning and buying for the campaign was handled by Media Planning Group.