Veet launches new name via TV spot

J. Walter Thompson is launching the first brand-building campaign for Reckitt Benckiser's recently renamed depilatory brand, Veet.

The global campaign, which breaks next week, will be JWT's first work for the leading hair-removal brand - formerly Immac - since it won the account last summer.

The work embraces the entire Veet range of wax, cream and mousse and introduces the umbrella theme of "a feeling that lasts". The aim is to create the impression that the smooth results Veet produces will outlast other feelings.

The global TV spot, "sexy", features a girl who receives a surprise visit from her boyfriend. She rushes to the bathroom and applies Veet mousse.

While waiting for it to take effect, she cleans her teeth and applies perfume.

Next, her boyfriend on the sofa slides his hand up her smooth legs. The sofa creaks and the viewer is left to imagine what happens next.

Afterwards the pair rearranges their clothing. The sexy feeling has clearly passed, with the girl appearing bemused by the brevity of what has occurred.

This is offered in direct contrast to the lasting effect of Veet mousse, as summarised in the endline: "Veet: A feeling that lasts."

In the UK, the campaign will air on terrestrial and satellite TV, and will be supported by a press campaign promoting the Veet bikini kit, which will run in the summer in the style press.

The ad was written and art directed by Sara Stoneham and Lex Quinn. It was directed by Joe Roman at Rose Hackney Barber. Media planning and buying is through OMD.