"Christmas is this Very moment" by Grey London

Very's Christmas ad sends the message that the best thing about 25 December is not just the day itself but all the details in the build-up.

It opens with a seemingly perfect celebration before panning out to show the scene is actually a clichéd Christmas TV ad being watched by a sceptical family. The mum, called Jodie, says to the camera: "You know what Christmas moment I like? Every bloomin’ one of them."

Set to the track Hot Love by T. Rex, the spot then follows Jodie as she lists all her favourite and imperfect festive moments, including the neighbour’s lights display zapping the National Grid, fitting an oversized tree into the living room, terrible Christmas music and giving presents to everyone from the postwoman to the bin man with the help of Very’s app. 

"Christmas is full of amazing moments. Christmas is this Very moment," the ad concludes.

The work was created by Matt Moreland, Chris Clarke, Emma Thomas, Ryan Delaney, Angela Harding and Terry O’Neill, and directed by Gary Freedman through Independent Films.


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