Victoria & Albert Museum engages bloggers with secret mission campaign

LONDON - The Victoria & Albert Museum has enticed a network of bloggers to become rookie secret agents through a word of mouth campaign for its Cold War Modern exhibition.

The museum collaborated with digital agency 1000 Heads, which sent covert coded messages to selected bloggers over the past few weeks, under the pseudonym 7th Syndikate.

Around 35 bloggers, including Zoe Ingram, Ant and Miss Geeky, cracked the codes and received instructions to meet at a rendezvous point at the Albert Memorial in South Kensington last Wednesday.

They met a man in a long trench coat and bowler hat at 6.45pm and followed him to an exclusive after-hours preview of the exhibition at the V&A.

It was only then that they learned the Cold War Modern exhibition was the secret that the 7th Syndikate had led them to discover.

One targeted blogger said: "I thought I'd worked out what was going on, but in the end it came as a complete surprise. I couldn't believe it when we ended up at the V&A. They really had me fooled."

The campaign was designed to entice bloggers with an interest in design to stimulate online discussions about the exhibition.

Jane Rosier, V&A's head of marketing, said: "We wanted to do something different to reach a new online audience.

"The subject of the exhibition offered us the perfect opportunity to work creatively with themes of espionage and coded communications. There has been a great online response and we hope it will lead to many new Museum visitors."

Cold War Modern: Design 1945-70 opened at the V&A on September 25 and runs until January 11 next year.