Video: Take Control for TENA men by ZenithOptimedia

ZenithOptimedia created a surprising and humorous campaign for probably the most embarrassing product in history. A strategy that drove the highest ever level of sample requests.

Video: Take Control for TENA men by ZenithOptimedia

WINNER: Take Control for TENA men by ZenithOptimedia

Not many people know this, but one in four men over the age of 45 suffer from bladder weakness. That’s 3.2 million people in the UK. Unfortunately, this affliction comes with negative connotations, comparisons with senile old people or tramps stinking of urine.

To prompt men to "come out of the water closet" a campaign was needed to make them believe this problem was normal and relevant to someone like them.

Not content with hiding the product on health and information channels, the campiagn lead with broadcast Video on Demand.

Anchorman, a comic reference point of a generation, provided further inspiration. With the help of AMV and a sprinkling of Ron Burgundy, Stirling Gravitas was born, a satirical character who championed the nation’s bladder weakness, showing the men of the nation how to "clench" and reassuring them that no amount of bladder leakage can take away their control.

A series of satirical videos were created. TENA men reached a broad, 45+ male audience on YouTube on their favourite websites, Facebook and on TV catch up. Positioned next to everyday content about sport, entertainment and news, the message was surprising and humorous.