A view from the bottom
A view from Nicole Scopes

A view from the bottom

It's true that London and the motherland, New Zealand, have a number of obvious differences, but I've realised the one thing that doesn't change is the thrill of the advertising industry.

As I walk into the Weapon7 office each morning, I never quite know what’s going to be thrown at me – blown-out budgets that need reconciling, a rewrite of the "version 9_final_final" creative brief, last-minute amendments to a project that’s due to go live in an hour and some friendly abuse about the way "six" and "seven" is supposed to be pronounced.

On Monday morning, a new brief comes in that’s packed full of opportunities. Time to finish my third cup of tea and drag the creatives away from the 3D printer, where we now have several key rings, an iPhone case AND a bear statue proudly on display – the novelty isn’t wearing off any time soon. We’ve got two days to come up with a number of experiential ideas. But this is what we’re best at – getting innovative ideas worked up and thought out quickly, all to the highest possible standard.  

An early start means discussions can be had with third parties to see if we can get costs down, data strategy is confirmed and final tweaks are made to the deck. I’m very nearly swallowed whole by estimates, timing plans, Sainsbury’s £3 meal deals and calls from Mum to check I’m eating and sleeping enough. Five agencies collaborating to produce an idea is tricky; trying to interpret a client’s poker face is even harder. We’re waiting for the "but" in the post-presentation chat – thankfully, we get the green light and it’s full steam ahead into production.

Wednesday brings some crazy four-seasons-in-a-day weather and a trip to Brooklands to learn the ins and outs of Mercedes-Benz. As well as being inducted, we’re sent flying round the racetrack in an AMG and down a worryingly steep hill in the 4x4 off-road course. Pretty sure this is why I signed up for advertising in the first place.

The end of the week is a flurry of e-mails being deployed, artwork being dispatched and spanners being thrown into the mix. Somehow I make it through to the company meeting on Thursday evening. The team is back, sunburnt and buzzing from SXSW, with a few somewhat interesting tales and a presentation on our winning Windows 8 app that sent particles whizzing between interconnected devices. Glasses are raised, then it’s off on our pub crawl. I’m told I have to lead the charge because I’m a Kiwi and "you guys are really good at drinking". Fair call – another challenge accepted.

With a bacon sandwich and four cups of tea down, I’m definitely regretting that last pint when results for the latest CRM programme arrive in my inbox on Friday morning. They’re through the roof and we have a very happy client. Time to begin strategy and timing plans for the next quarter. Someone suggests a celebratory drink. The Kiwi flag was flown a bit too hard last night – think I might pass.

Nicole Scopes is an account manager at Weapon7