A view from the bottom
A view from Dimitrios Karavasilis

A view from the bottom

In 2011, back home in Athens, I sold my car to fund my mission to get a career in the UK ad industry.

If you had told me then that, within two years, I’d be writing a column for Campaign about my job, I’d have laughed.

But here I am. Looking up to a bright future while sharing a week of my life with you. So what does a typical week look like for me? Here goes:

It’s Monday morning and I am off to work. Hammersmith & City line, please don’t delay me, because I had a long weekend. If I were to give a hashtag to Mondays, it would be #MadMondays. As usual, I have a long day ahead of me. My diary is already jam-packed with meetings, team catch-ups and briefing sessions.

I’d better start the day with some community management for Bacardi. Engaging and replying to fans is a relaxing way to start the day. And, on top of that, it might provide me with some ideas for the two-week content calendar I need to prepare.

Oh Tuesday, yassou, with your surprises and challenges. After some daily community management, I make some tweaks to the content calendar and head to the creative floor to brief a team. When I return, I am surprised to find an e-mail from one of the account management teams on whose client I don’t currently work. Apparently, following some work on a recent pitch, the word is now out that I can map out qualitative social media ecosystems as part of my analysis process. The account teams don’t miss a beat and ask me to help out. Smells like more projects for me and I’m rubbing my hands with excitement. I go home exhausted, but feeling like a winner.

Good morning, world! Wednesday quickly turns into a special day as I am invited by Facebook to try its new Graph Search. Time flies when you play and discover new stuff, but I’d better get back to work and finish those reports for Bacardi. All of a sudden, an e-mail pops up – it’s from Russell Marsh, our group strategy director, asking me to test out a new social media tool. It might sound boring to you but, for "geeks" like me, this is like giving a toy to a child.

Thursday is a "lights, camera, action" type of day as I meet with our new Bacardi client. I present the reports and take her through the updated content calendar that came back from creative. I feel lucky to be client-facing, but the rush is when my opinion is heard and I know it has value.

It’s almost 3pm now, so I need to hurry up with the social listening piece that Barclaycard has asked me to do.

Hello, Friday, you sexy thing – before I even finish my sentence, a new e-mail appears inviting me to a new pitch challenge. No rest for the wicked, but I’m not stressing as the burgers in The Galley (our in-house bar) and the sunny day outside are keeping me going. Better join the rest of the agency outside on the grassy mound we call Telly Tubby Hill to eat and drink and enjoy the view of the Thames.

Dimitrios Karavasilis is the junior social strategist and community manager at Rapp