A view from the bottom
A view from Jonny Ray

A view from the bottom

"Just a lot of stuff" is my usual answer when asked about my day.

My routine is basically a combination of frantic and eclectic situations colliding together. To top it off, our lift seems to routinely break down, so, as you read this, imagine me running up and down flights of stairs, John McClane-style.

We’re based on Great Queen Street in Covent Garden, meaning all our rooms are named after famous queens. It’s up to Quentin’s each morning for the breakfast that’s laid on daily. 

Back downstairs and I’m in client services. Time to prep for the day, music being the first priority. A shared Spotify account runs through the agency – anyone can contribute and each floor tunes into their own playlist or the whole place blares one out. Cue battles between floors – get your track in first or risk Meat Loaf on repeat.

Next, I head down to Elton’s to attend the first in our "Meet the Innovators" sessions. This month is the turn of Jon Morter. Jon is best known for preventing X Factor hits from becoming Christmas number ones – even getting Rage Against the Machine there one year. In short, he’s the guy who beat Simon Cowell. Because I’m young(ish), I’m obviously meant to hate rules, but it’s interesting to hear Jon talk about them. He’s a purveyor of reading the rule book, knowing how to bend them to the exact point before breaking. Clearcast reading before bedtime it is, then.

First client meeting of the day and it’s off to Victoria’s. It’s their first time in our office, so I have to explain why we’ve got a stuffed cat nestled next to a raccoon in an ornate cabinet. I’ll leave that for you to mull over.

Creative review. The sun’s out, so we’re holding it on the roof terrace with a Twister. This combination is a useful trick to herd the cats to a meeting on time. Ideas are shared and everyone inputs. It’s great to see the ideas that come from each department, no-one being precious over them as we’re all aiming for a common goal.

Now, finance and shhh… I enjoy Excel. There’s a strange OCD satisfaction to creating and owning a budget document. Combined with other elements of my role, it’s a good feeling having that holistic view of the whole account to help bring it together. 

Into the end of the week and the monthly agency update. This month, the theme is babies and we’ve been challenged to guess the staff member from their baby photo. Creative work and new-business updates are then shared, with a few shandies, naturally.

A brilliant thing I’ve found working at Inferno is an emphasis on sharing. Whether that’s working all night on a pitch, losing some artwork (!) or having a beer together, it’s one big family uniting to create the most interesting work possible, all having fun doing it.

As the agency update draws to a close, it hits fever pitch and those few shandies have turned into jelly shots – Inferno highbrow collaboration at its best. And that’s another frantic week done. Breathe…

Jonny Ray is a senior client manager at Inferno