A view from the bottom
A view from Laura Parker

A view from the bottom

Generally, my day-to-day life at We Are Social involves a little more desk work and a lot less hip-shaking than in the past week.

I work on the social media accounts for the Danone brands Volvic, Badoit and, of course, the Wimbledon sponsor Evian. For the past few weeks, we’ve been working with Evian to inject some "Live Young" spirit into the tennis tournament with a social campaign called the "Wimbledon wiggle". It is based on the bum-wobbling, hip-shaking move that players make before they serve – and Evian’s brand ambassador, Maria Sharapova, has been helping us spread the wiggling craze throughout the tournament.

We’ve been collecting videos of wiggles from a number of sources – such as some incredibly enthusiastic people in the queue at Wimbledon and the celebrities already inside the Evian "Live Young" suite. People have also been uploading their wiggles to the brand’s Facebook page.

For some unknown reason, there were lots of wiggles sent to us from people at theme parks – which is where the eventual winner of the VIP tickets we were giving away came from. All the wiggles we received kept us entertained – there are some people out there with a lot of imagination and some extremely good dance moves!

Our celeb wigglers were also great. England rugby players, Jonathan Ross, Mollie King from The Saturdays and the DJ Nick Grimshaw all took part – as did Holly Willoughby, who was a good sport and even added a serve at the end.

It wasn’t just the Wimbledon wiggle that kept us occupied last week – we also managed a busy content calendar across Evian’s social channels. Hours were spent trawling through the Wimbledon archives to dig out some classic tennis photos. Once we had selected the best, we created some funny "Live Young"-style captions to accompany them.

We also shared some ways to celebrate Wimbledon on the Evian Facebook page, including painting your nails with the Union Jack and the Wimbledon logo – which, of course, we had to try out in the office first. The Evian team all had pretty patriotic nails that day.

As if my week wasn’t crazy enough, Tigermonkey – who created the track for the wiggle – played a gig on the roof garden at Cardinal Place. We worked closely with Evian and the screening company to set it up, then assisted the band and filmed the gig.

Personally, I’m a huge Wimbledon fan and, like a lot of Londoners, love getting into the tennis spirit for every tournament. And, of course, I was supporting Andy Murray this weekend. The game was incredible – and when they panned out to the crowd, there were some wigglers right at the front, just as we’d hoped would happen.

So, after a busy week, it’s now back to reality, wrapping up all our Wimbledon activity and moving on to the next big campaign.

Laura Parker is a senior account executive at We Are Social