A view from the bottom
A view from Noel Leeman

A view from the bottom

It's the weekend and I'm working on a website for one of my personal clients. This is the freelance way. All or nothing. I appear to be in an "all" phase with a pristine stretch of "nothing" just over the proverbial horizon.

Then an e-mail from YunoJuno.com – I’ve been shortlisted for a project starting on Monday at Hypernaked. I was aware of some of its previous work and it was pretty cool, so I was keen to get a foot in the door. As tempting as it is to take a week off while we still have sunshine, one has to pay one’s bills, so I respond. Click: I’m interested. A short chat ensues – the interactive equivalent of a covering letter. Before you know it, I’m booked.

Monday brings an exciting project for a leading mobile brand. Creating a visual identity for a competition aimed at developers. It’s great to be involved early on in this process while there are still creative decisions to be made. I also get the chance to experiment with the art direction. A bit of vector illustration here, a little 3D modelling there and a lot of redrawing and refining. The process is a collaborative and organic affair, but it’s refreshing to take the creative lead on a project and it’s something I look to get involved with wherever I can.

My work for this client spills over into laying out the website, mocking up display ads and writing an animation description for the Flash developer to follow. It’s approaching the end of the day and I have some time, so I start building a master Flash ad, making sure all the text and graphic assets look correct.

Some of the creatives have recently relocated to the design area and there are puns flying all over place. At one point, the conversation careers off on the tangent of "open toad shoes".

Come Thursday, I feel like I’m becoming part of the furniture. The team I’m working with are very easy to get along with and the banter is top-drawer. The daily ritual of the lunchtime crossword is a favourite. It’s good to feel you are part of a team even if you are only a hired helper.

We have a lot of fun asking Siri on our iPhones questions. Pretty soon, everyone is answering every question with "OK" in Siri’s robotic voice. Tip: try asking Siri to sing you a song.

Checking my e-mails, I see Yuno-Juno bot has a new contract for me to consider. I’m not booked next week yet, so I show myself as available in the system. I check with Finn, my producer/resource guy at Hypernaked, to see if they want to keep me on next week. They do, so I’m sticking around for a bit longer. Yay!

It’s Friday. It’s pitch time. It’s classified. I could tell you what I worked on, but then I would have to kill you. I don’t make the rules. My favourite personal client is back in touch as well and needs work doing. The weekend is just round the corner, but it looks like I’m back in an "all" phase again. Guess I’d better start ticking some things off my to-do list before my next week at Hypernaked kicks off.

Noel Leeman is a digital designer at Hypernaked