A view from the bottom
A view from Philippa Dunjay

A view from the bottom

For whom does the bell toll? It tolls for thee, Albion, to summon us all to Monday-morning assembly. With a back-to-school feeling, we jostle like naughty children as we listen to the head teacher (senior management) read out the news. Sadly, there's no official hymn yet, but I'm working on it.

Pulling together creatives, account management, production, UX, tech and planning, next on the Google calendar is a solutions team meeting to discuss the latest Wonga brief. Working like this means we can get to answers very quickly and, after a couple of hours, we think we’ve cracked it – for today’s brief, anyway. I spend my lunch hour reading Tulisa’s autobiography in my favourite coffee shop: inspiration can come from anywhere, after all.

The power of Tuesday has caused a Justin Timberlake loop to form on the office stereo, like a tiny black hole, and the resulting wave of 90s nostalgia inspires us to cover our office walls in topless photos of Craig David, complete with motivational slogans. This only enhances our current wall picture collection of miniature ponies, giant vegetables, Pre-Raphaelite women and Michelle Obama.

Appropriately inspired, the social strategist and I have a meeting to flesh out the Twitter profile of our favourite brand character. We make a lot of cat puns and decide her favourite music is jazz, on vinyl. This comes closest to feeling like a parody of what people think advertisers do. Purr-lease.

Most of my presentations now start their life as Post-it notes. Wednesday finds the UX team and I sticking them on to giant boards for a meeting with our clients. We talk through a comms plan, are teased for our strict system of colour-coding and annotate the boards with drawings of media channels (surprisingly abstract). Hopefully, we’ll get to turn some of our best ideas into reality for their new website launch. In my spare time, I make a Vine of my office desk toys falling in love.

On Thursday, I am unleashed on the company Twitter for a round of surrealist humour. My last series of stories where I implied our management were all secretly bees seemed to go down well. I post some interesting articles and "engage" Albion’s "community" of "fans". I also organise a planning trip to see Malcolm Gladwell, read our latest e-mail thread on niche Tumblrs and begin desk research for new business on the subscription box model that has taken off in America.

On Friday morning, I curate and collect the week’s news for my Albion Almanac round-up, which goes out to more than 1,000 subscribers, headed with my editorial babble. I try to strike a balance between giving the people what they want, giving the people what they don’t know they want and famous novels rewritten in emoticons. By the time it’s formatted and sent out, there’s time for a relaxing glass of wine and making sure Colin, the office dog, works hard for his crisps before sailing off into the weekend.

There are my seven days. Craig David would be proud. (Bo’ selecta.)

Philippa Dunjay is a planner at Albion