A view from the bottom
A view from Tom Hemsley

A view from the bottom

My day starts with a small group of cyclists making our way north. But, as I cross the river, I pull away, out of the tide of bikes and towards Shepherd's Bush. Immediately, I have some space to ride.

It’s pretty similar to how I came to Futureproof. I’d been in the tide of charity, working as a copywriter at Comic Relief. But then I decided to drop the nice, fuzzy world of charidee and turn away, out of the tide and into the space of my first agency job.

I love it. My preconceptions (mostly formed through cheesy 80s movies) turned out to be wrong but, while my days might not be spent on giant space hoppers playing ping-pong, it’s OK because the work is good. And there’s foosball.

There was barely time to sit down before meeting my first client on day one. Surreally, it was Comic Relief – I was sitting on the other side of the table to someone who had signed my leaving card the Friday before. I was ideating for that project on day two, ascending The Shard for a pitch briefing on day three and writing a corporate magazine for pub landlords cover to cover on days five, six and seven. On day eight, I finally got round to filing my e-mails.

Bouncing around all this are ideas for our social media accounts – Hovis, Ted Baker and Fish. I’m still getting used to switching from business advice on how many cask ale pumps to install in a pub to a heated discussion on whether ketchup or Worcestershire sauce is best with cheese on toast (answers: start with one pump and work up, and always, always Worcestershire sauce).

This week has been all about The Shard. To say I’m learning as I go would be an understatement, but we’ve created something I’m really proud of. The pace of the work is quick, but putting heads together constantly has stopped me from hitting walls.

My creative director and new-business manager have just got back from the pitch and are both smiling (and perhaps, more importantly, not crying) – so, for me, it’s a job well done until we hear back.

Futureproof is pretty young still and I’m the only copywriter in the business, which means I usually get pulled in as the copy "expert". I like the sound of being an expert, but do still have to consult dependable, old Google on some of the English language’s more obtuse grammatical quirks.

My life at the moment is all about the future. A few weeks ago, I got engaged to my university sweetheart and, with this new role, I can see a future for myself in marketing. At home, I’ve been walking our lurcher, Dancer, a lot. It has been rainy, which is perfect – the park is empty, so he can gambol around uninterrupted before crashing out on the sofa back at home. I’ve also been doing lots of maintenance on my perpetually broken Raleigh.

If we win the pitch, maybe I’ll treat myself to a big-boy bike!

Tom Hemsley is a junior copywriter at Futureproof