A view from the bottom
A view from Loella Bowles

A view from the bottom

Is there such a thing as an "average week"? Account management is busy, fast and, ultimately, fun. I work on two accounts to implement digital strategy, which is an extremely exciting and fast-paced process to be part of, with lots of creative opportunity. Account managers are the cogs that keep the agency spinning, so get the basics right and you'll be laughing.

Monday. It’s 5am. I’m shivering outside waiting for my taxi to take me to St Pancras. We create digital content that can be implemented across Europe at a local level and, today, we have an all-agency briefing on a product release. One aspect that I love about my job is starting a piece of work right at the beginning and being able to see the entire job through until it’s finished. It’s a long and interesting day that culminates in a couple of drinks on the Eurostar home with the team.

Spending time out of the office travelling means I spend the next day catching up with e-mails and notes. As well as managing larger campaigns, it’s my role to ensure the day-to-day running of the account is on track, so I catch up with my team to ensure everyone is happy.

One of the most challenging, yet rewarding, aspects of my job is to make everyone’s workload as manageable as possible and resolving any problems that arise. Once I’ve shared next steps, I spend the day racing from creative reviews to brainstorms to tracking the team’s hours, which takes me well into the evening. I do love that account management is so varied, so you are usually involved with every aspect, from creative to finance.

Wednesday kicks off with a Skype session with a team member in Europe and then I have a production meeting to manage current and future bookings. One thing I’ve learnt is the art of squeezing in unexpected amends into a busy studio schedule – not that my producer likes it! Currently, we’re designing and updating parts of a website, so I work with the designer and copywriter to make sure the new work includes client feedback. 

It’s an especially busy time of year as we’re working on Christmas campaigns and 2014 strategy, and Thursday is another all-day meeting presenting our ideas It’s always fun to see clients in person and a nice opportunity to discuss proposals in detail. I finish the day catching up with our insight manager to understand how our campaign is doing and where we can learn and improve.  

Then, before I know it, it’s Friday. I’ve arranged for a company to come in to talk to us about its new app to understand how we can use it as part of our content. Then I have a final creative review on a suite of YouTube videos we’re creating and finish the day organising an induction for a new account executive who joins on Monday (we’ll be keeping him busy!).

It has been a hectic week, but I soon relax with a glass of wine in the agency pub. At £1.85, it’s an offer I just can’t refuse.

Loella Bowles is an account manager at Saatchi & Saatchi