A view from the bottom
A view from Charlotte Forbes

A view from the bottom

Agency life moves at a ferocious pace. Especially if, like me, you split your time between new business and account management. After focusing on the impact of social media on elections during my politics degree and then spending a year helping start-ups with their social media, I craved the consumer-focused approach of agency work. I haven't been disappointed.

Few challenges are as important as being charged with organising the agency Christmas party. First thing on Monday, gallons of coffee were needed. After months of keeping the theme and party venue under wraps, it was time to send our beautifully designed Black and White Christmas Party invitations to clients and colleagues. Now, what on earth to wear…

A quick catch-up with my account director followed as we went through the status of our Peugeot Fleet jobs ahead of the client call. I work on a mix of things for Peugeot including keeping on top of press deadlines for car launches, checking timings against our media plan and working on regular e-mails that we issue to our database.

Contrary to popular belief, data is sexy and very important. I lend the data team a hand with checking through contacts for some of our campaigns – thankfully, I spotted a few small errors that needed fixing. Attention to detail is vital as there is no point in us creating great work if it fails to reach the right people.

A big part of my job is dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Or, more specifically, making sure the "2" in CO2 is in subscript at all times. Each press ad requires that its stats are checked and rechecked before it goes out the door, and that comes down to me and a few others.  

Then comes an evening of excitement. I was on "babysitting" duty for the office dog, Seb. His owners have a night out and I get to take him home; he even travels on the Tube. I’ve packed his overnight bag and can’t wait to show him off to my housemates. He hops on and off the sofa and then sits on his hind legs like a meerkat when we eat our dinner.

I’m in early on Friday to do an all-important finance blast. This is a priority because missing the Friday beer trolley is at stake if we get too far behind. I then go to lunch with a few work friends to check out the new Franco Manca pizza restaurant before sending over revised scamps for the Ernest Jones campaign I am working on.

Between all this, I found time to organise a working breakfast on social commerce with the Shopcade founder Nathalie Gaveau. Shopcade is a really cool social shopping platform and will definitely prove handy for picking that Christmas party outfit.

As the beer trolley approaches, I have a few seconds to reflect that the cut and thrust of agency life suits me, and that getting excited about creativity and having input into the agency’s work is really rewarding. Looking after Seb occasionally is fun too.

Charlotte Forbes is an account executive at CMW