A view from the top
A view from Bob Lord

A view from the top

This week was a bit novel for me, as I didn't have to hop on a plane first thing. I just got back from vacation with my family and spent the week working from New York.

 We had a few days sailing in the British Virgin Islands (and celebrating my 50th birthday). I usually start my weeks by meeting with my chief of staff to discuss priorities for the week, travel, speaking engagements etc. But this week I also spent time catching up with my leadership teams from

Razorfish and DigitasLBi, as well as touching base with clients and being briefed on our accounts. Being immersed in the details of the work we create – it’s where I get my energy.

Tuesday: I spent the morning at DigitasLBi, where we announced Tony Weisman as the new chief executive for the North America organisation. This was followed by a planning lunch with the founders of The Nantucket Project, an organisation I am on the advisory board for. We’re in the midst of selecting speakers for the third annual event, which brings together some of the most eminent visionaries to Nantucket each fall.

In the afternoon, I had a book review with Ray Velez, the global chief technology officer and my co-author on Converge, a book coming out in April. "Convergence" is a word we use frequently to describe the Razorfish approach – the idea that technology, media and creativity must merge together for truly effective, innovative marketing strategy. I also had a great conversation with Bob Kupbens, the vice-president of marketing and digital commerce at Delta Air Lines.

Wednesday: In such a fast-paced industry, it’s important to take a break from e-mail – I make a point to keep a few hours clear each week just to think or watch a TED talk. After a meeting with a large insurance provider (for which we are building a cross-platform experience), I had a radio interview with Robert Reiss for The CEO Show in which we discussed Converge.

I also spent time with the team that is planning our client summit. I ended my day with a peek at what our Emerging Experiences team is prototyping.

Thursday: I delivered a keynote speech at The Conference Board’s Customer Experience Leadership Conference. My presentation was about how technology is transforming the customer experience and the five principles marketers can embrace to harness the potential of convergence. Among the case studies I presented, Smart US’s "humor the haters" campaign seemed to be a hit – the perfect example of a witty social media response that had an impact off-line. I headed downtown for a board of directors video conference meeting and spent the rest of the day devoted to the operational details of running two of the world’s leading digital agencies before hosting a client dinner.

Friday: I woke up extra early for a yoga class before tackling the day. In the morning, I reviewed work from a handful of accounts, as well as my travel and schedule for next week. Midday, I held my weekly executive team meeting. The afternoon was primarily devoted to meetings around our technology products and partnerships, including one in which Razorfish and Adobe are co-creating cloud-based marketing software. After a whiteboard session, I headed to New Jersey for a meeting with our Mercedes-Benz US client, before heading home to my wife, kids and Tucker (our dog).

Bob Lord is the chief executive at Razorfish