A view from the top
A view from Harris Diamond

A view from the top

Danny Rogers and I recently moved from the world of PR into the broader one of advertising and marketing services.

Notwithstanding my experience with him covering my firm, he somehow still convinced me that opening my diary for a View From The Top was a good idea. We’ll see.

Thursday afternoon: Off to the airport to fly to Miami. Before meeting up with Sean Bryan and Tom Murphy and the rest of the McCann New York creative team for a pre-Art Directors Club Awards celebration, I had burgers, a beer and a chat about work, clients and ideas with Linus Karlsson.

Sat through the five-hour awards show. Seeing our New York office being named Agency of the Year made the evening perfect. Note to self: when you have a chance to sneak out back to your room, do so – as 1am in South Beach still tends to be early by creative celebration standards.

A 9am flight to New York on Friday, then to the office for more celebrations with our people for last night’s victory, along with the news of the United States Postal Service win. Then home for time with the wife and daughter, sharing the great news from the past few days. The wife interested; the daughter, not so much.

Saturday: More time with the family and a chance to see my daughter compete in a high-school competition and then off to the airport for an overnight flight to Geneva for client meetings.

Sunday was spent in Geneva lost in translation, responding to e-mails and finding myself wandering into the only English movie theatre for a screening of Cloud Atlas, which made the Art Directors Club show feel like it happened in the blink of an eye.

Monday: Spent all day in Switzerland in client meetings. Then off to London on a 6pm flight, followed by an 11pm dinner in my favourite restaurant in London’s Chinatown. Just as I tucked into some hot and sour, the phone rings: it’s a client from the US. The issue discussed is intriguing, but the time zones need some work.

Tuesday: Breakfast with our creative leadership in London, Rob Doubal and Laurence Thomson, followed by a great talk with Chris Macdonald and a review of our London operation. It’s great to see an office utilise all of the resources at its disposal so effectively.

A midday flight back to New York.

I land and find myself in a continued conversation with the client who called me last night in London. Join my family for dinner, followed by a good night’s sleep in my own bed.

Wednesday morning in New York. Along with Luca Lindner and Gustavo Martinez, I get on a global management video conference call with all of us being updated region by region on all activities in McCann, MRM, Momentum, McCann Health and Craft.

Wednesday afternoon is spent with the Ronald McDonald House New York, where I sit on the board. Incredibly proud of a staff that tries so hard to be of aid to families going through unimaginable difficulties. Board meeting ends and off to LaGuardia Airport for a 9pm to Detroit. But just as I get in the car, I get a call that the flight is cancelled. Back to my apartment and rebooked for a 6am flight. Arrive in Detroit and have some terrific meetings with our staff and clients at Chevrolet. Head home the next day.

Reading this as I get ready to send it to Danny, I realise how lucky I am. I like what I do and the people I work with. What more can one ask for?

Harris Diamond is the chairman and chief executive of McCann Worldgroup