Vinnie Jones stars in Kik e-cig ad

Vinnie Jones, the actor and former footballer, has become the first celebrity to endorse e-cigarettes on UK television, in an ad for Kik.

Vinnie Jones: stars in Kik e-cig ad
Vinnie Jones: stars in Kik e-cig ad

The £1.2 million campaign launched yesterday (1 June) and was written and directed by Steen Argo through Manchester production company, Equinox.

Jones, who won the FA Cup with Wimbledon in 1988 and has starred in films including Gone In 60 Seconds, is not shown smoking an e-cigarette in the ad, but endorses the product by saying, "If you’re looking for something that’s top quality that I reckon is hard to beat, you’re looking at it."

The ad will debut on TV on 3 June, during episodes of Coronation Street and Emmerdale on ITV. The spot is also scheduled to run during the Champions League Final on Sky Sports on 6 June. Allied Media booked the media spots.

Sandy Chadha, KiK’s chief executive, said: "We’re fast becoming known for our innovative approach to the vaping industry and how we market to past smokers keen to make the change to e-cigarettes.

"Vinnie Jones was a natural choice for us to sign up. He is a Hollywood A-lister and well known amongst our target audience. The fact he used to kick for a career was an added bonus."

PR agency, We Are Indigo, brokered the deal between Kik and Jones.