Vintage egg ad banned in regulatory farce

LONDON - The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre has banned a rerun of the iconic 1960s “go to work on an egg” ad featuring Tony Hancock.

Egg ad... banned
Egg ad... banned

The ad, created by Ogilvy & Mather with Fay Weldon as copywriter for the British Egg Information Service, was set to air to mark the 50th anniversary of the British Lion mark. However, the BACC ruled that "the suggestion that you should have a couple of eggs every day was not nutritionally balanced."

Responding to the ban, the BEIS said: "It was a straightforward piece of advice which appeared to do a generation of Britons no harm at all."

The BACC said that it would seek further advice if the advertiser could provide evidence "to support the nutritional acceptability of two eggs a day."

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