Viral review: A 'beeping' connected boy brings GE's brand positioning to life

Social experts Be On review the latest viral from GE.

Viral review: A 'beeping' connected boy brings GE's brand positioning to life

A beeping little boy is the hero of a new GE ad and despite how it sounds, it’s one of the most charming stories told by a brand in recent times.

In today's world, it’s fair to say that children understand and adapt to new technologies quicker than most adults. GE takes this premise to the next level and creates a touching story of a baby born united with technology.

Its new video tells a tale of a child who comes to this world with what seems like a speech defect – he makes robot-like sounds – that lets him communicate with machines. His abnormality at first concerns his family and others around him but they soon realise, along with the viewer, that his impairment is a gift and not a burden.

GE offers the whole package; the video is well-produced, tells a great story and evokes strong emotions. Though, the technology is constantly on the screen, it is naturally integrated in the story of the little hero.

The brand’s message, ‘When you speak the language of industry the conversation can change the world’, is incorporated at the end of the video and is a nice moral without being intrusive.

It’s a truly engaging piece of advertising that deserves viewer’s attention. However, what might stand in its way of popularity is the often forgotten factor of distribution. The brand seems to be missing on the opportunity to unleash the video’s potential and generating a great deal of earned media.