Viral review: Fisher Price's emotional ad is great but why no dads?

Social video experts Be On review the latest viral by Fisher Price

Fisher Price: video tells story of newborns and mothers
Fisher Price: video tells story of newborns and mothers

Wishes for baby – a film by Fisher-Price

The best possible start to life ‘begins with love’. This is the message from the latest video ad by Fisher Price which takes viewers through a series of intimate moments with parents and families across the world, as they wish their newly born babies success in 2015 and beyond.

The toy company has partnered with ad agency Weber Shandwick and documentary maker Patrick Creadon, visiting 11 hospitals including Sao Paulo, Los Angeles and Tokyo. The video takes audiences through the journey of conception in just 90 seconds, associating the brand with love, affection and generosity, through simplistic storytelling and production.

Colourful imagery of fireworks are juxtaposed with hospital wards and set against an emotive piano score to really tug at the heart strings. By picking a universal theme that all genders, nationalities and ages can relate to, Fisher-Price knows how to tap into a large audience which explains why the ad clocked up over 450,000 views on YouTube in the first two days of its release.

Heart-warming comments

Now in the second week, the video has over 1.8m views and hundreds of heart-warming comments from parents across the globe. This was no doubt encouraged by Fisher-Price’s brand ambassador, Shakira, promoting the video to her 106m Facebook fans.

However, the video lags in terms of shareability with just over 1,000 shares on Facebook compared to a high numbers of views. This may be due to its focus on mothers, not including a single father making his baby a special wish. This narrows the brand’s audience, seems out-dated in today’s culture and is at odds with male spending habits over the festive period. With a strong response on social through its #WishesForBaby hashtag, this ad is evidence that a simple idea can resonate with viewers.

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