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LONDON - The first in a regular series where viral marketing agency GoViral filters out the rubbish and checks out the hottest ad clips on the internet.

David Beckham...stars in Adidas website campaign
David Beckham...stars in Adidas website campaign

Adidas Originals: Celebrate Originality

Celebrate Originality site

This very original campaign from Adidas Originals has it all. Super star endorsement, interactivity, user engagement and cascades of high quality content.

There is not one particular video, which makes this overall celebration of the 60 year anniversary of the brand a little out of the ordinary.

Watch for instance multiple award winning The Ting Tings paint party, mixing a concert with white Adidas track suits and paintball guns and buckets.

Or dive into the anniversary creations of fashion designer Jeremy Scott. Or maybe you want to see what happens, when David Beckham and Kevin Garnett mixe basketball with soccer.

One of the main strengths of the campaign is that Adidas creates a full universe of sportsmanship, fashion, music and lifestyle and invites users in to play along.

It’s difficult not to feel welcome in this hymn to life. The campaign will continuously roll out new elements throughout 2009.

Client Adidas Agency Sid Lee

Sony VAIO: Mannequins

Advertising is constantly developing to be in tune with consumer preferences and styles.

This new campaign from the Sony Vaio brand might have gotten its inspiration from the recent T-Mobile campaign from the UK, but does an excellent job itself.

Sony used models looking and acting like robotic mannequins and placed them in public places around the streets of New York demonstrating the new lifestyle computer Sony Vaio Notebook.

They also made a showpiece out of themselves at the Bryant Park Fashion show and other up-scale parties, which resulted in some very positive PR.

They further built on this attention and launched video sequences of the events online, although the potential could most likely have been better realised with a clearer distribution strategy.

Nevertheless, very fashionable.

Client Sony Agency 180 Los Angeles

Ray-Ban: Never Hide

Ray-Ban website

The classic Ray-Ban’s never die. The style icon through decades is at the moment doing a multi-video online campaign called 'Never Hide’.

The theme is obvious; flaunt your style and particularly your Ray-Ban sun glasses, if you have them. A general feature for this campaign is the possibility for brand users to upload pictures of themselves wearing their own Ray-Ban’s and sharing them with the rest of the ONever Hide’ community.

Further, a Truth or Dare contest were released, where users could play the well known game and upload their response to the website.

Never Hide features a multitude of videos, but if you are busy, check out the Super Chameleon and evaluate, whether it's natural or not.

Client Ray-Ban Agency Cutwater

Onitsuka Tiger: Zodiac Race

Onitsuka Tiger website

Another 60th anniversary project from Asics.

The Zodiac Race sneaker diorama is also the setting for a three-minute animated film that brings to life the legend of the Zodiac Race and explains how the animals secured their positions in the astrological calendar.

Really, it's all about Asics, but once you figure that out, you've spent half an hour exploring the much more inspiring universe of the Zodiac Race.

The campaign website features multiple options for exploring, among others the opportunity to choose just the right sneaker for you by calculating your Japanese Zodiac astrological sign.

Client Asics Agency Amsterdam Worldwide

Samsung: S8300 Ultra Touch Mobile

Ultra Touch website

As our media converge, we need fewer units for communication. This is Samsung's message in this campaign, where the video serves the purposes of product demo and branding platform.

After one month in the open, it has generated more than half a million views, which is rather impressive today, where phone demos are all over the internet.

Ratings and comments are massive and indicate more than just passive browsing through the video, which is rather long, but in spite of that viewers have generally maintained their interest while watching it.

Further, the campaign website allows for more info and demonstration of the everyday situations, where the Samsung might come in handy.



Client Samsung Agency The Viral Factory

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