Virgin hits new heights

When Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R proclaimed "your airline has either got it or it hasn't", the agency seemed to be inferring that Virgin Atlantic had more style and elegance than other flight operators.

However, the brilliant minds at Collegehumour.com have taken the agency's claim to the extreme in an animated online video. The spot shows Virgin's boss, Sir Richard Branson, explaining what sets the airline apart from its rivals, such as live jousting in the aisle for in-flight entertainment, an on-board billiard room where people can smoke and the audacious claim that Virgin "has more treasure per seat than the leading airline". And don't worry if something goes wrong and the plane has to make an emergency water landing - your seat can apparently turn into a top-of-the-range jet-ski. View the work of genius at http://bit.ly/pKI9EJ.