Virgin Media connects Pete Tong and Carl Cox for back-to-back live experience

Parties in London and Glasgow will demonstrate the power of Virgin network

Virgin Media: Pete Tong (left) will be in London and Carl Cox will be in Glasgow
Virgin Media: Pete Tong (left) will be in London and Carl Cox will be in Glasgow

Virgin Media is connecting club nights headlined by ​​DJs Pete Tong and Carl Cox in London and Glasgow to demonstrate the power of its gigabit broadband service, Gig1.

"Club rewind" is part of Virgin Media's "Faster brings us closer" campaign by Adam & Eve/DDB, which centres on intergenerational connections made through music.

The "Club rewind" parties will be held simultaneously 400 miles apart on 22 September. Tong and Cox will take to the decks to transport fans to the musical era of noughties Ibiza, which was voted on social media as the clubbing time fans would most like to relive.

Taking place between 7pm and midnight, the DJs will be going back-to-back from separate locations. Tong will play in London, supported by his daughter, Becky Tong, while Cox will headline Glasgow's event, with special guests to be announced. The DJs will alternate tracks for a shared set, with Virgin Media's gigabit broadband powering the technology that manages the outputs of both the master and headphones.

The "Club rewind" locations will also be connected, allowing the crowds to share the experience as they enjoy a "virtual set", with music fans able to tune into the event from home.

Simon Groves, director of brand and marketing at Virgin Media O2, said: "Music has the power to transport you back in time, relive memories and connect with others. With so many clearly feeling nostalgic for the early 2000s, we cannot wait to bring back the iconic noughties house era with 'Club rewind'.

"We're reimagining the super club scene from 20 years ago but with future-proof tech – plus this time round clubbers will be able to capture the moment on their smartphones. The unmissable sets from Ibiza legends Pete Tong and Carl Cox will be powered by Gig1 as we use world-leading technology to connect two clubs at opposite ends of the UK, with music-lovers also able to tune in from home."

Tin Man will support the launch of "Club rewind" through media relations and news, working alongside Audience, Adam & Eve/DDB and Rapp to deliver an integrated campaign. Content creative agency Oh My! will be producing video and photography content that will feature talent interviews and backstage footage ahead of and during both events. Content will be distributed by Manning Gottlieb OMD.