Virgin Media "You can do anything" by Adam & Eve/DDB

Virgin Media has a new creative platform called "Unlimiting", which embodies the power and freedom of its services as it expands beyond talking about only speed.

In the first work for the brand by Adam & Eve/DDB, champion sprinter and longtime ambassador Usain Bolt is replaced by an average dad who takes Virgin Media’s "I can do anything" promise to heart. His new-found sense of freedom transports him to an imaginary world and allows him to do everything from completing a simple crossword puzzle and making new friends to thinking he can fly – following his "unlimiting" belief to a darkly comic end. The uptempo soundtrack is a remix of Oh Yeah by Yello, which is best known for featuring in the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The ad mixes live action and animation, and features a colourful, high-definition 3D swirl crafted by visual artists Colors And The Kids. It was written by Simon Vicars, art directed by Andre Sallowicz and Nat Potter, and directed by Ian Pons Jewell through Academy. 


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