Virgin Mobile claims Aguilera ad is its 'sexiest ever'

LONDON - Virgin Mobile has launched a viral push ahead of its latest celebrity TV advertising campaign featuring 'Dirty' singer Christina Aguilera in what is being billed as the firm's 'sexiest ever' creative.

The online campaign, part of the 'Devil makes work for idle thumbs' series, is handled by Digital Media Communications and will feature a full version of the ad starring Aguilera that launches on television this week.

The ad created by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R shows two construction workers mistakenly believing they have caught a glimpse of the singer having sex in an office boardroom.

The two quickly send pictures of Aguilera, who turns out to be innocently fiddling with the controls of an adjustable chair, to their friends and a media circus quickly gathers at the foot of the building with news crews and crowds of onlookers.

Aguilera is the latest celebrity to feature in the series, which has also starred Busta Rhymes and Wyclef Jean.

James Kydd, Virgin Mobile's brand director, said: "We expect the viral campaign to further widen our brand awareness among the culture-driving, technology-savvy online audience."

He added that this latest creative also aimed to ridicule the blanket media coverage that celebrities like Aguilera, "have to endure".

Last month it was revealed that Richard Branson had been personally courting Aguilera to star in the series of ads. A Virgin source at the time said that the advert would, "blast off the sex-o-meter scale".

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