Virgin Money undertakes Branson stunt as part of ad campaign

Virgin Money is supporting the rebrand of its recently-acquired Northern Rock banks with a multi-media campaign, including a TV ad and a Richard-Branson stunt which celebrates 40-years of the Virgin brand, as it looks to kick-start consumer interest in the brand.

The launch of the ad campaign follows Virgin Money's high-profile acquisition of the government-owned Northern Rock.

The television advertising campaign, created by Beattie McGuiness Bungay (BMB), features an array of sister Virgin brands, such as airline, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Trains, and Virgin Records.

The TV ad runs with the slogan, "we've come a long, long way over the last 40 years with the simple aim of making things better. And now our quest takes us into banking. Virgin Money, 40 years of better now in a bank."

Press ads, running in the national press, features a five-point list of why customers should choose Virgin Money, including claims that it put "customer service ahead of cost-cutting" and "By making a fair profit. Not an excessive one."

They continue, "We won't get there straightaway. But we won’t rest until we do. It's time for a better kind of bank. It’s time for Virgin Money."

The campaign, which also runs across outdoor and cinema, will feature a Richard-Branson stunt.

Today (10 January) a bespoke 3D projection inspired by the ad will feature on the side of Senate House library at the University of London.

The launch of the ad campaign coincides with the rebranding of the first Northern Rock store to Virgin Money. Virgin Money has pledged to rebrand all 75 Northern Rock stores by September this year.

Virgin Money has also made a pledge that it will offer current accounts next year- contradicting earlier reports that it would charge for its current accounts.

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