Visible's network expands beyond the six degrees of Kevin Bacon

The actor introduces his new '12 Degrees' method for the digital-only wireless company.

Verizon’s low-cost carrier Visible parodied the age-old saying "six degrees of Kevin Bacon," in its new campaign "12 Degrees of Kevin Bacon." The spot by Madwell, which leans into the idea that anyone can be linked to the actor in six degrees or less, begins with Bacon relaxing in a pool as he introduces his new method, "12 Degrees of Kevin Bacon," to help Visible customers get 12 months of wireless for only $5 per month. Customers can get one month for $5 if they bring one friend, but can get 12 months of service for $60 if they bring 12 friends. Bacon shows how he expands his own network of friends for the deal, including his dentist and even Michael Gross, his co-star from the film Tremors.