Vodafone crowdsources F1 sponsorship brief

Vodafone is looking outside its roster of WPP agencies by crowdsourcing a global brief, in a bid to boost the public appeal of its sponsorship deal with the McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 Racing team.

Vodafone: 2010 Jenson Button campaign
Vodafone: 2010 Jenson Button campaign

Global strategy for Vodafone has been handled by Team Vodafone, a collective of WPP agencies led by JWT, since March 2009. BBH handles the company's UK business.

The brand has hired crowdsourcing specialist Idea Bounty to relaunch its sponsorship of the McLaren Mercedes F1 Racing team and make its customers feel more connected to racing.

Digital and social media is at the core of Vodafone's $10,000 'Big ideas' brief, which intends to  reinvigorate people's perception and relationship with the telecoms brand.

Vodafone wants 'Big Idea' to move across traditional media channels and adapt to suit local markets.

Vodafone said it will bring a sense of fun and playfulness to Vodafone's F1 sponsorship and spread the message that "everyone can enjoy F1".