Vodafone "Everyone.connected" (in-house)

Vodafone's sincere campaign highlights the unifying role of the internet.

The ad shows people as they discuss the perils of a life without connection. Hailing connectivity as a "safety net", people from all walks of life discuss the benefits of education, communication and "dignity" through the internet.

"More connectivity brings greater equality," the ad declares, showcasing the brand’s commitment to giving internet access to people of all ages, genders, capabilities and socio-economic backgrounds.

The campaign launched yesterday (15 September) across the brand’s social channels. It was created by What We Seee’s creative director, Misan Harriman (who appears in Campaign’s September issue), and directed by Katie Moriarty-Hopper.

Harriman said: "Many of us take for granted being connected, but in working with the team at Vodafone we learned about the important social, cultural and safety benefits that connectivity brings."