Vodafone reveals thinking behind global repositioning

LONDON - Vodafone said today that its new positioning - created by Santo and based on the strapline "power to you" - is an attempt to throw off its "stuffy" reputation.

Vodafone...new global positioning
Vodafone...new global positioning

The positioning has already launched in a few markets and will appear in the UK at the end of October.

The idea of the line is to make the brand more accessible and embrace the mobile company's move towards putting the consumer at the heart of its business.

David Weldon, the global director, brand and customer experience, said: "Our role is now to be an enabler for our customers who can now live their life through Vodafone.

"'Make the most of now' just didn't convey this relevance.

"The new work will have a different and more inclusive tone and and gives people the chance to reappraise the brand."

Santo was chosen to create the new positioning earlier in the year after the agency also asked Bartle Bogle Hegarty, WPP and McCann Erickson, which all work with the mobile phone giant around the globe, to also provide ideas.

"Santo has created the framework and tone of the ad and agencies in local markets will be asked to create work based on this.

"BBH will remain the UK and will produce work to this framework.

"The UK is a very important market.

"Over time in the UK we've allowed the brand to become corporate and stuffy and no one had huge respect for it.

"In about a third of our markets we're in the top ten best-loved brands, but we need to make this happen in all of our markets."