Vodafone targets mobiles in the home to isolate 'relaxed' users

Vodafone is running a campaign that serves ads specifically to people using their mobiles and tablets while at home, in an attempt to reach users in a "relaxed mindset".

Vodafone: ad campaign targets mobile users at home
Vodafone: ad campaign targets mobile users at home

The operator has partnered with Specific Media to use its Mobile in the Home product, which can isolate all the mobile and tablet devices in a household and serve them with ads.

Mobile in the Home monitors online behavioural activity attached to a home, using cookie history to improve the targeting of ads, which allows Vodafone to identify whether a specific mobile user has been browsing for a new phone or mobile contract.

Vodafone is using the service to deliver ads that drive users to its ecommerce site with one banner ad offering unlimited calls, texts and 1GB of data for £20.50 a month.

A Vodafone spokesman said: "Mobile devices have become a primary tool for internet usage in the home, from browsing to shopping [and] we are keen to capitalise on this through targeted, in-home advertising.

"Using Mobile in the Home we can reach users in a relaxed mindset, when they are more likely to engage with advertising."

Specific Media claims Mobile in the Home can reach around 90% of UK households after it profiled 18.9 million out of 22 million Wi-Fi-connected households, to identify mobile devices used in each household and allow advertisers to target those devices.

The Mobile in the Home product is audited every six months to ensure Specific Media handles the data collection correctly.

Experian is also providing its postcode data to help Mobile in the Home identify the likely income and lifestyle of a particular household.