Volkswagen overtakes Toyota globally in sales

Volkswagen sold 135,000 more cars than Toyota last year, making it the world's top-selling car brand for the first time.

Volkswagen overtakes Toyota globally in sales

Toyota, which has topped global sales for the past four years, announced that it sold 10.2m cars globally, just short of Volkswagen's 10.3 million sales that it reported last week, reported the BBC.

This achievement is notable considering VW's scandal in 2015 year when it was learnt the brand had been cheating on its emissions tests. This sparked a backlash and several lawsuits.

In total, including Volkwsagen's Audi, Porsche and Skoda brands, the brand saw 3.8% growth in sales buyoed by demand in China. 

Toyota on the other hand, saw sales grow by only 0.2%.