Volkswagen Polo continues price ads

Guilt-ridden car buyers who think they have got one over on Volkswagen by getting such a cheap deal on their new cars feature in BMP DDB's latest television campaign for the Polo.

The campaign, to promote the brand's bargain-price strategy, is the second tranche of advertising in the price-promotion series and features VW buyers with their vehicles in public places.

"The market uses a lot of tactical price advertising, but Volkswagen's policy is to permanently realign its prices - and get that across to consumers in a premium way," Fran Page, an account manager at BMP, said.

In "jogger", a husband returns from an evening run to discover a VW van in his drive and a dealer talking to his wife on their doorstep. Convinced the dealer has caught him out for buying the car too cheaply, he makes a run for it and crashes through the neighbour's fence. But the dealer has only shown up to return a pair of glasses the couple left behind when they purchased the car.

In "takeaway", a man is in a fish and chip shop when two police officers enter. The man instantly becomes paranoid, assuming they have arrived to nab him for swindling the VW dealership on such a good deal. He quickly throws a tenner down on the counter, exits to the car and tells his wife to "drive!"

Both commercials run with the strapline: "No. We haven't got the price wrong."

The ads were written by Matt Lee, art directed by Peter Heyes and directed by Dominic Murphy through Partizan. Media planning and buying is by MediaCom.