Volvo "The birdman" by Grey London

Volvo has partnered Sky Atlantic for an eight-minute epic following the life of conservation biologist Professor Carl Jones MBE.

Beginning with the professor’s life as a young man, the film follows Jones’ efforts in saving five bird species, three reptile species, a fruit bat and several plants from extinction, leading him to win the Indianapolis Prize (regarded as "the Nobel Prize for conservation") in 2016.

"We are facing the greatest environmental catastrophe of our time," Jones remarks as he prepares for a lecture. "The world is sick – and the condition, if left untreated, could be terminal." The ad ends on a high note, however, as Jones highlights the human responsibility to "[reverse] the problems that we’ve caused".

This is the seventh installment of Volvo’s "Defiant pioneers" series, which champions the efforts of people hoping to improve the world around them. It was created by Andy Lockley and directed by DARYL through Pulse Films.

In recent years Volvo has launched a series of campaigns highlighting the human impacts of climate change, including a sea-saving children's book and 2018’s "The unseen ocean".


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