Voting PSA taps Mark Ruffalo for erectile dysfunction parody

The spot raises awareness for The Freedom to Vote Act.

In an effort to uplift the U.S.’ "flaccid" democracy, public interest group RepresentUS recruited Mark Ruffalo, Jake Johnson and Jonathan Scott to spread awareness about The Freedom to Vote Act. 

The PSA "Electile Dysfunction" spoofs erectile dysfunction ads with plenty of innuendo. 

"Trouble maintaining a strong coalition? Tired of the parade of disappointing performances? Then you might be one of the 330 million Americans suffering from electile dysfunction," the voiceover says. 

Ruffalo, Johnson and Scott appear as "not paid actors," sharing their own testimonials. 

"Filibusting just doesn’t make me feel good anymore," Ruffalo says in the spot.

The Freedom to Vote Act would make Election Day a federal holiday and restrict gerrymandering, among other reforms.