W&K Honda ads show joy of braking

Rainbow-coloured speed cameras and traffic lights adorned with coloured glass beads feature in Wieden & Kennedy London's latest print and poster campaign for Honda.

The campaign, called "happy braking", aims to promote Honda's Integrated Motor Assist engine, which uses a combination of a petrol engine and an electric motor for energy efficiency.

It highlights the positive impact of the new technology by showing images that celebrate the experience of slowing down. When a driver brakes, the IMA recaptures the energy an engine loses and stores it for acceleration.

Neither the IMA engine nor the Civic, Honda's first model to incorporate the technology, feature in the campaign. The activity breaks in national press supplements from Sunday with 48-sheet posters appearing from 18 August.

"'Happy braking' turns the normally negative experience of braking into a positive one - if you save energy when you brake, wouldn't you want to do it more?" Tony Davidson, the joint creative director of Wieden & Kennedy London, said.

Simon Summerscales, a strategist at Naked Communications, which handled the media planning, said: "Where possible we have placed ads in environments where people are naturally slowing down and applying the brakes. The ads will run on six-sheets at motorway service stations and on the backs of National Express and high-street buses."

The campaign was art directed by Chris Groom and written by Michael Russoff.

Media buying was through Starcom Motive.