W&K creates Siemens mobile ads

Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam has produced a series of six TV spots for Siemens mobile devices.

Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam has produced a series of six TV spots for Siemens mobile devices.

The ads aim to relaunch the existing 'be inspired' line and make it the centre point of Siemens' mobile telecommunications strategy.

The work, which includes outdoor and print executions, launches on 19 February in the UK. The campaign has been running in Europe, the Middle East and Africa since 4 February.

The TV executions illustrate a variety of situations where your mobile phone could be useful. One execution shows a man sending his girlfriend a text message after they have been fighting.

In an attempt to outline the stranger things people do with their mobile phones, one execution shows a man making a call saying 'I love you' to his dog. One spot demonstrates how, by using the Siemens mobile phone recording facility, users can store their own personal ring tones. The ad features a man at a rubbish dump surrounded by calling seagulls, recording their birdsong. All ads end with the strapline: 'Siemens. Be inspired.'

John Boiler, a co-creative director at W&K, said: 'The most interesting thing about mobile technology is what people do with it. That's what inspiration is about.'

Jon Matthews, another of W&K's co-creative directors, added: 'Before extending the campaign to support individual mobile phones and information products, we are trying to put a human face to the Siemens brand.'

W&K Amsterdam picked up the pounds 70 million global account from J. Walter Thompson in November last year. However, JWT continues to work on the account, adapting ads for local markets.

The ads were written and art directed by Olivier Courtemanche and Ghislain de Villoutreys and shot by Anthony Hoffman through Radical Media. Optimedia will handle media.