W&K launches line of novelty products

LONDON - Wieden & Kennedy is launching a series of products to hit the shelves of Paperchase and Urban Outfitters next week.



  • XMASPUDDING-800.jpg


  • PETGOLDFISH-800.jpg


  • MUSICALRULER-800.jpg



The items were created in partnership with the product design outfit Suck UK and the gift idea company Worldwide Co. W&K will receive a percentage royalty from the items, which will also go on sale globally.

Among the products to launch are two types of  happy sack – bin bags printed to look like giant goldfish bowls and Christmas puddings, the latter of which W&K once used as an agency Christmas card.

There will also be a salt cellar, entitled pass the salt, which has a pull-back-and-go wheel mechanism in the base.

A musical ruler, named after the W&K co-founder Dan Wieden, will also launch with a play in a day guide to help people learn to play the musical stationery implement.