W&K works on £3m heir to Honda 'grrr'

Wieden & Kennedy London is hoping to emulate the success of its multi-award-winning "grrr" and "cog" spots for Honda with two ads in production that are believed to have cost the car manufacturer in excess of £3 million.

One ad, called "impossible dream", centres on a driver who finds himself in control of a series of vehicles that transform into each other, growing in size as they do so. What starts out as a tiny car morphs into a boat and eventually turns into a hot-air balloon. The spot was written and art directed by Sean Thompson and Chris Groom, and directed by Ivan Zacharias at Stink.

The second spot, called "choir", reunites the team that created "cog": the director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet is working with the W&K writers and art directors Ben Walker, Matt Gooden and Michael Russoff.