Waitrose launches food club with direct and digital push

LONDON - Waitrose is launching a direct and digital campaign to promote its new online customer engagement programme MyWaitrose.

The programme, which is described as a club for food lovers, is based online at a website designed and built by Grand Union.

It aims to engage consumers with a series of on and offline events including product tastings, webcasts, expert Q&As, access to offers and behind the scenes footage at Waitrose.

Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw has created a direct mail and email campaign to direct customers to the website, which aims to increase loyalty and give customers the chance to play a more active role in service and product development.

Jane Orchard, marketing manager at Waitrose, said: "We want our customers to have a voice and be able to influence the way we work at Waitrose.

"MyWaitrose will give our shoppers the opportunity to give feedback on everything we do, as well as giving them a place to interact with like-minded foodies."

Marc Nohr, managing partner at Kitcatt Nohr, said: "Our strategy for Waitrose has always been to create communications which offer the consumer something useful and engaging in return for their loyalty.

"MyWaitrose will reward Waitrose customers by allowing them to interact with the brand and have a real influence on product and service innovation."

Waitrose launches campaign to promote MyWaitrose