Wales Tourist Board appoints Red Cell to fight foot-and-mouth

The Wales Tourist Board this week named Red Cell as the agency to

help rescue a tourist industry ravaged by the foot-and-mouth epidemic,

amid concern that the country is about to be hit by a fresh


Red Cell - formerly Conquest - and its WPP media partner Media Insight

are to mount a campaign that will be a key element in the fight-back

against the effects of foot-and-mouth that, at its height, was costing

the Welsh economy pounds 20 million a week.

But the appointment has been accompanied by the news of the first new

case of the disease in Wales for four weeks, forcing the closure of the

Brecon Beacons a week after they were reopened.

The WTB recently took dramatic action to win back the missing tourists,

plunging about pounds 1.5 million into the "Today in Wales" campaign,

featuring five 60-second commercials filmed, edited and screened in a

single day and screened only once.

Red Cell has been charged with producing a through-the-line campaign to

help the WTB achieve its target of growing holiday trips from 6.8

million to 10.3 million and spend from pounds 910 million to pounds

2,049 million by 2010.

Roger Pride, the WTB marketing director, cited Red Cell's success at

meeting the requirement for "a highly creative and innovative input to

planning and executing our campaigns" as the reason for the


Simon Frank, Red Cell's creative director, said: "The WTB has a history

of award-winning work. It's such a rich subject matter that it's almost

impossible not to come up with great ideas."