Walkers runs 'great British potato' campaign

Walkers has commissioned a new ad about the life of a crisp, in an effort to highlight the "three simple things" that make its potato snacks.

The ad by AMV BBDO explains the three things are needed to create a packet of Walkers crisps – the "great British potato", sunseed oil and "seasoning with no artificial colours or preservatives".

It launches today on ITV during 'Emmerdale'.

The light-hearted ad features a crisp falling from the top of the building, as its life flashes before its eyes, to the soundtrack of Queen's 1986 classic 'Who Wants to Live Forever'.

The crisp lands safely in the hands of Gary Lineker, who has dived across the street to save it.

The ad was directed by Paul Weiland. The production company was Weilands and the creatives  were Colin Jones, Clive Pickering, Simon Welsh and Matt Welsh.

Miranda Sambles, marketing director at Walkers, said: "We're very excited about the new ad, in which the Great British potato takes centre stage on its journey to a packet of crisps.

"Gary Lineker was fantastic in his action-packed role and I think viewers will enjoy seeing the way in which we've dramatised the life of a Walkers crisp to illustrate the three simple and delicious things which go into making a packet of Walkers crisps."